[Introduction] A collection of carefully selected links from how to get started on GitHub to how to solve errors when you encounter an error on Git.

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How to use Git such as Windows10, CentOS7

  1. Use git on Windows 10 and Powershell (including WSL)
  2. Install the latest version of git on CentOS 7

What you need to know before using GitHub How to use Git

[Git] Basic commands

How to resolve Git errors

  1. Commit failed –Exit code 1 Received remedy When this error occurs, a file called .git is created in the file. Because it is done. So you can commit by showing the hidden files and deleting the .git files. Please refer to this site to display the hidden files of .git and delete them. By doing so, you can eliminate the error. j
  2. When I run the git revert command, I get an “error: revert is not possible because you have unmerged files.”-How to use Git
  3. The solution that says error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout in git checkout
  4. git checkout didn’t understand
  5. What to do when “Clone succeeded, but checkout failed” appears when cloning with Git

How to get started on GitHub

  1. Carefully selected links from creation to rewind on GitHub
  2. GitHub to start today ~ Explains how beginners can install Git and pull request

About Pull Request

  1. Development process using pull request
  2. Create a pull request from a fork (
  3. [GitHub] Revert to a specific commit
  4. git When you want to delete only a specific commit (revert)

GitHub application

  1. [What is git submodule]
    The git submodule is a mechanism for registering an external git repository as a subdirectory of your git repository and referencing a specific commit.
  2. Command memo when you want to update only the git submodule
  3. Github SSH communication settings
  4. Procedure for ssh connection on GitHub ~ From generation of public / private key ~

How to apply GithHub to publish a simple program to the Internet

  1. Configure a custom domain for your GitHub page site
  2. [Websites for you and your projects.]
  3. Introduction to GitHub + CircleCI

How to set up Git and GitHub in PyCharm

  1. How to push to GitHub with PyCharm
  2. How to use Git with PyCharm