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CentOS 7 curl version upgrade

1 minute read

I thought that if I followed the procedure introduced in some article, it would be completed smoothly, but I struggled unexpectedly, so I summarized my own ...

Install PostgreSQL 12 on Centos8

1 minute read

Introduction Since I had only touched Mysql, I installed Postgresql using the installation method on the official website for verification. This time, we a...

Docker operation memo

1 minute read

usage environment VirtulBox : 6.1 Host OS: Ubuntu 18.04 Docer : docker-ce 19.03.13 The host OS of docker is a virtual environment running on VirtualBox.

Docker installation on CentOS 6

less than 1 minute read

Quite a lot of old information was disseminated. .. .. yum install dockerThere will be confusing things that have nothing to do with it (An error occurred ...

Use CentOS with LXD

less than 1 minute read

How to install and configure CentOS 8 on lxd 4.6 installed on Ubuntu 20.04. When the installation is complete and you log in, you should see something like...

CentOS IP address Setup

6 minute read

It is a story that solved the problem that ens224 and ens256 do not UP and the IP address cannot be set.