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A memorandum to unfocus the TextBox

less than 1 minute read

I was a little addicted to it when implementing processing such as releasing the focus when the enter key was pressed, so I will write it down. It would be...

C # basic

9 minute read

table of contents –What is C #? Feature HelloWorld –Standard input –Standard output –Variables –Random –Conditional branch –DateTime structure –...

MVVM Show View Pattern 1 View Code Behind

3 minute read

Think about the pattern to display View When I started studying MVVM, I didn’t know how to write the code at all. Where should I write the code to display t...

C # Conditional attribute trap

less than 1 minute read

Problem overview I defined define and used Conditional, but why isn’t the function called? ?? ?? I encountered an incident such as.

(C #) LINQ to get next weekday

less than 1 minute read

Introduction I wondered if I could write a clean code to get the next weekday in C # and tried it in LINQ. I would appreciate it if you could comment if yo...

SQLiteUnityKit extension library

2 minute read

A library based on SQLiteUnityKit ――It is one of the many modifications of SQLite Unity Kit. –Repository (GitHub)

How to compile C # without VS

less than 1 minute read

Verification environment ・ Windows10 64bit 1909 build 18363.1082 -DotnetFramework x64 v4.0.30319

[C #] Inconsistent accessibility

less than 1 minute read

When I created a class to manage resources in C # “CS0053 Accessibility is inconsistent. The accessibility of the property type’Resources’ is set lower th...

Implement type constraints like in C #

7 minute read

In the development of C # port of AtCoderLibrary Class <arbitrary numeric type I have the intention of realizing a type like> , and I will describe th...

[C # / WPF / MVVM] I researched MVVM now

11 minute read

Introduction I’m ashamed to say that I’m an outdated programmer who hasn’t used WPF, let alone ** MVVM **, for WinForms projects. Embarrassing … [^ 7]: I d...

Implemented cart pole with ML-Agents 1

3 minute read

Overview Implement and train cart poles in ML-Agents. I hope it helps people who want to create models to train themselves using ML-Aegents. Introduction Cr...

How to run the ML-Agents sample

3 minute read

Overview This is an article that summarizes how to learn and operate the sample model of ML-Agent. Think of it as a rough flow of notes. Use Anaconda, pip, ...

[Unity] Rigidbody simple manual

3 minute read

Introduction This article is a brief description of the ** beginner ** Rigidbody, picking up the ones you use most often. The meaning of personal memos is ...

Precautions when outputting CSV in C #

1 minute read

CSV is convenient, isn’t it? When you want to export data to spreadsheet software such as Excel, creating .xlsx is not impossible, but it is quite troubleso...

About instantiate

less than 1 minute read

Introduction Here, the technical part is written so that beginners can understand it somehow.

I tried Unity ML-Agents

4 minute read

Premise environment Unity 2019.4.9f1 (LTS) ML Agents 1.3.0 (Preview) ML Agents Extension 0.0.1 (Preview) Anaconda Python 3.8 Windows 10

C # grammar memo

4 minute read

Array Array declaration Type name [] = variable name;

[WinForms] 3D chart

1 minute read

```cs using System; using System.Drawing; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting;

[Note] Model binding

less than 1 minute read

![-]( Introduction This is a memo when I researched Model Binding of ASP.NET Core. ..

Linq’s count () was too slow.

1 minute read

LINQ count is slow I was doing paiza because I had too much free time, but there was a test case that timed out. After fixing the part written in Linq, the...

Try the MVVM pattern with Blazor

3 minute read

Introduction I was developing an application with Blazor, and I thought that it would be easier to develop if I could apply the MVVM pattern that was done d...

Learn Prism Commanding

12 minute read

Learn the Commanding section from the RRISM LIBRARY Documentation (

Set List to Span

less than 1 minute read

.NET 5.0 will add a method to make List <T> Span <T>.

C # error message

less than 1 minute read

An error that occurred when the argument of Split was enclosed in ". When using it, specify it with single quotation marks such as data.Split (',').

Learn Prism WPF View Composition

49 minute read

Learn the WPF View Composition ( section from the PRISM LIBRARY Documentation.

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