Divide the video into 100 with ffmpeg and display it in 100 divisions on one screen

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Target audience

As shown below, it is intended for those who want to divide the video into 100 and display it on one screen in 100 divisions.



## USAGE: sh 10x10.sh input.mp4
ffmpeg -i "$1" -filter_complex '[0:a]asplit=100'`seq -s '' -f '[a%02g]' 0 99`';[0:v]scale=192:-1,split=100'`seq -s '' -f '[v%02g]' 0 99`';'`ffprobe "$1" -hide_banner -show_entries format=duration | perl -ne 'next if not m{^duration=(.*)$}; printf q([v%1$02d]trim=%2$f:%3$f,setpts=PTS-STARTPTS[v%1$02d];[a%1$02d]atrim=%2$f:%3$f,asetpts=PTS-STARTPTS[a%1$02d];), $_, $1*$_/100, $1*($_+1)/100 for (00 .. 99);'``seq -s '' -f '[v%02g]' 0 99`'xstack=inputs=100:layout='"`perl -e 'for $y (0 .. $ARGV[1] - 1) { $h = ($y ? qq($h+h0) : 0); for $x (0 .. $ARGV[0] - 1) { $w = ($x ? qq($w+w0) : 0); push @o, qq(${w}_$h) } } END { print join q(|), @o }' 10 10`"':shortest=1[v];'`seq -s '' -f '[a%02g]' 0 99`'amix=inputs=100:duration=shortest,loudnorm[a]' -map '[v]' -map '[a]' -shortest output.mp4 -y

If you save the above and run sh 10x10.sh input.mp4, you will get ʻoutput.mp4 from ʻinput.mp4. I’m using version 4.3.1 of ffmpeg ffprobe and perl seq. perl and seq only generate filter statements.

Process flow

    -i 'input.mp4'
    -filter_complex '
    -map '[v]'
    -map '[a]'

Processing of video [v]

-scale: The output is assumed to be 1920px horizontally, so I set it to 192px here.
-split: Now there are 100.
–Processing for each input: The duration obtained from ffprobe, making each video input 1/100 of the original length.

  • trim
  • setpts
    -xstack: Arrange 100 pieces in order from the upper left. Since all inputs are the same size, only w0 and h0 are used for position calculation.

Processing of audio [a]

-asplit: Now there are 100.
–Processing for each input: The duration obtained from ffprobe, making each audio input 1/100 of the original length.

  • atrim
  • asetpts
    -amix: Mix 100 audios.
    -loudnorm: If you leave it as it is, the sound will be much smaller, so normalize it.


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