Japanese localization of CentOS 8 and Japanese keyboard layout

1 minute read

As a prerequisite, it is the Japanese localization of virtual CentOS 8 in VMWare.

It took a while, so make a note. You can’t type properly without changing the keyboard layout …
By the way, to hit | with the default keyboard, use Shift +].

$ dnf -y upgrade
$ dnf -y install langpacks-ja ← Note that it is langpacks, not langpacks!

$ localectl list-locales |grep ja ← Check if there is a Japanese locale (narrow down by ja instead of jp)
$ localectl set-locale LANG=ja_JP.utf8
$ source /etc/locale.conf

$ localectl list-keymaps |grep jp ← Check if there is a Japanese keymap (narrow down by jp this time)
$ localectl set-keymap jp106
$ source /etc/locale.conf

$localectl ← Check if the setting is in Japanese

I think that it can be translated into Japanese when the OS is restarted.
The message “Do you want to update the name of the standard folder to the current language?” Is displayed, but I chose “Keep the old name”. It feels bad to have Japanese in the folder name …

However, keyboard input does not change even if I do so far. Eventually
Right-click on the desktop and click Settings Region & LanguageInput source + to add → Japanese Japanese addition → Delete English with
Now you can input Japanese keyboard.