Getting Started with magic leap-I want to make a copy of the project

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It was necessary to set up the unity project to develop magic leap with unity. It’s a hassle to do this every time, so I tried to prepare a project with only setup prepared. I had to take some steps to do this, so make a note of it.

What this is what you want to do

Prepare a template for your own magic leap.

Rough flow

  1. Copy the project file
  2. Rename
  3. Delete temporary files

Copy project file

Duplicate the project. At this time, for the duplicate, copy the entire folder with the project name you want to copy.

change name

Make sure your name is not covered.

Delete temporary files

This is the only special procedure. It seems that temporary files such as ** project name.sln ** and ** project name.csproj ** are generated in the unity project file, so delete them. This is generated when you open the project, so it seems safe to delete it. Since it is project-specific, it does something wrong when opened as another project.

Depending on the editor, a userprefs file may also be generated, so delete it as well.


  1. Reuse the completed Unity project! Copying the entire project