How to programmatically upload files to Azure Storage (File Share)

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Describes how to save files to Azure Storage.
Azure Storage type uses file sharing (not blob).

Advance preparation

Create storage environment on Azure portal

–Create a storage account
–Create a File Share from the created storage account

Install Azure.Storage library

Install the following from Manage NuGet Packages

  • Azure.Storage.Common
  • Azure.Storage.Files.Shares


using System.IO;
using Azure.Storage;
using Azure.Storage.Files.Shares;

public class SampleClass
    public void Upload()
        ///Get information from your Azure storage account and configure
        string accountName = "{Get the account name from the Azure portal site.}";
        string accessKey   = "{Get the access key from the Azure portal site.}";
        Uri    serverurl   = new Uri(@"{Get the URL from the Azure portal.}") ;

        ///Upload destination(azure side)
        string azureDirectoryPath = @"{Destination(azure side)Specify the directory of}" ;
        string azureFileName      =  "{Specify the file name to save}";

        ///Upload target(Local side)
        string localDirectoryPath = @"{Upload target(Local side)Specify the directory of}";
        string localFileName      =  "{Upload target(Local side)Specify the file name of}";

        //SSL communication permission setting
        //If you don't do this, SSL(https)An error occurs in communication.
        System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

            //Preparing to connect to Azure: Setting connection information
            StorageSharedKeyCredential credential = new StorageSharedKeyCredential(accountName, accessKey);

            //Connect to Azure
            ShareClient share = new ShareClient(serverurl ,  credential);

            ShareDirectoryClient directory = share.GetDirectoryClient(azureDirectoryPath);

            //Upload destination(azure side)Create if there is no folder in.

            //Upload destination(azure side)Create a file instance in.
            ShareFileClient file = directory.GetFileClient(azureFileName);

            //Delete any file with the same name
            //Open the Local file to be uploaded. It is easy to get binary information by opening it with FileStream type.
            FileStream stream = File.OpenRead( Path.Combine(localDirectoryPath , localFileName ) );

            //Upload destination(azure side)Inject binary information into a file instance
            file.UploadRange(new Azure.HttpRange(0, stream.Length),stream);
            //Free local files
        catch(Exception ex)


–It seems that the recommended library for accessing storage has changed from Windows Azure.Storage to Azure.Storage. Since there was no sample using Azure.Storage, I posted it as a memo.
–There was a fluctuation in the notation of [File Share], [File Share], and [File Service] in Azure. (As of September 30, 2020) It looks good to interpret it as a synonym.