Survival rate 8% ・ ・ ・ Unity’s frustration rate can be seen from the number of views of the introductory video

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  • This is a column I wrote on my blog after I was a Unity beginner and tried a certain tutorial and completed the race to the end.

    Unity difficulty

It was interesting that the number of views of the tutorial video that I challenged the other day decreased sharply with each passing, so I summarized it. I’m not from scratch and there is no problem with basic operations, but the script is at the level of a common beginner who reads one Unity book but can not write at all. But I decided to do it to the end without breaking, so I was able to finish the race. I finished the race to the end, but Unity is still difficult. The cause is mainly C #, C #, C # ,,,

Unity starting from scratch

This time I challenged myself, a tutorial video of Unity distributed by NCC Niigata Computer College for free. ** [Introduction: Game making, programming beginner’s course] ** It is interesting that the number of views of this video is steadily decreasing. The number of like-minded friends will decrease steadily. .. .. The videos are divided into chapters and there are 9 videos in total.

** 1/9 Basic operation from installation **

Watched 58,034 times

About 60,000 people who want to remember Unity have come to see (^^) /
I feel reassured that there are many comrades, so let’s do our best!

** 2/9 Creating Stages and Characters **

Watched 30,852 times

27,182 times decreased, about half gone (゚ Д ゚)
Still there are still 30,000

** 3/9 Script and stage adjustment **

Watched 15,373 times

Reduced by 15,479 times, and half gone (゜ ゜)
Still there are still 15,000

** 4/9 Camera tracking process and enemy appearance **

Watched 10,888 times

4,485 times reduced, reduced to about 1/5 of the first number (No Д`)
Still there are 10,000 people

** 5/9 Add motion to enemy objects **

Watched 9,010 times

1,878 times decrease, sudden braking to withdrawal rate (^ _-)-☆
Approximately 9,000 remaining
Naka Mahetta. .. ..


** 6/9 Goal production **

Watched 7,424 times

1,586 times less, withdrawal rate about the same as last time (`) No
A little less than 7,000 people left

** 7/9 Course layout adjustment **

Watched 5,300 times

2,124 times less, more than 2,000 less than last time, difficulty increased? (; ∀;)
A little less than 5,000 people left

** 8/9 Place enemies on the course **

Watched 4,936 times

Did you see the goal, 364 times less? Almost left! (*‘▽’)
Approximately 5,000 remaining

** 9/9 From importing characters to completion using the asset store **

Watched 4,738 times

Finished with a slight decrease of 198 times!
report! 4,738 survivors (`・ ω ・ ´) ゞ

Challenger 58,034 –Final video reacher 4,738 –Survival rate 8%

The first number of views is about 58,000, and the last is about 47,00. It’s probably not a pure number of people because I’m watching it multiple times by myself, but only about 10% of the people I started learning are left. .. .. This number even for beginners. This withdrawal rate even though you can go to the end just by copying the script. The result shows how difficult it is to learn Unity. It decreases at once when the script is involved. .. .. I understand the meaning of the script, but I can’t write it because the basic grammar and mechanism are still not good. I will do it slowly.

I finished the race to the end so I kept a record