Use database data in C #-About DB NULL determination

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Suddenly I was addicted to the judgment of NULL in the database

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By convention in C #, I was writing the source code with the feeling that acquisition failure would be “null”. .. .. (´ • ̥ ̫ • ̥ `) Actually, I’ve been addicted to databases.

It is ** the treatment of NULL in the database of C # is different from null which means “complete zero” in C language and Java ** in the world of database (SQL). It means that I have unknowingly judged NULL of DB by “ == null".

In the DB world, NULL means an invalid indefinite value, so I regret that I can’t confuse it now …


  • OS:Windows 10 Pro
    –Development environment: Visual Studio 2019
    –Database: MySQL 5.7

Original source code state

This time, when MySQL was introduced in C #
I tried to build the program of, but the actual data is as follows.

id name memo
1 for test Only for testing.
2 π 3.14159265358797323…
4 3.14 NULL
6 Super difficult Difficult Testing
7 difficult test
8 √5 2.2360679…

Actually, part of the memo contains ** NULL, so in the code below, it was displayed as blank when executed **.


”== null” could not be judged as NULL

Therefore, since the acquired memo corresponds to row [2], I used “row [2] == null” and “row [2]! = Null” to determine whether it was NULL …

if (row[2] != null) {
else {
	listBox2.Items.Add("(Not set)");

It wasn’t compared well (´ • ̥ ̫ • ̥ `)


Correct DB NULL judgment

Database NULL is an indefinite value

Recently, I have deepened my understanding of NULL in DB, but ** In the database world, NULL means an indefinite value, not a completely invalid zero like C and Java. ** So, when it comes to DB NULL in C language, it’s like an uninitialized variable, which seems to be close to one that contains unstable values.

In that case, even if you try to compare NULL in DB with the “==” and “! =” Operators, it may not work. .. ..

How to make a correct comparison

By the way, as a correct comparison, ** DBNull.Value ** is prepared, so if it is equal to that value, it can be determined that the acquired data is NULL.

if (!row[2].Equals(DBNull.Value)) {
else {
	listBox2.Items.Add("(Not set)");


Now you can compare the case of NULL (♥ ´꒳` \ *)


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