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Network install CentOS 8 with Kickstart.

9 minute read

Introduction Previously, I posted an article about network installation using Ubuntu’s automatic installation function, but since it’s a big deal, I’ll leav...

MVVM Show View Pattern 1 View Code Behind

3 minute read

Think about the pattern to display View When I started studying MVVM, I didn’t know how to write the code at all. Where should I write the code to display t...

C # Conditional attribute trap

less than 1 minute read

Problem overview I defined define and used Conditional, but why isn’t the function called? ?? ?? I encountered an incident such as.

(C #) LINQ to get next weekday

less than 1 minute read

Introduction I wondered if I could write a clean code to get the next weekday in C # and tried it in LINQ. I would appreciate it if you could comment if yo...

How to install beta php8.0 on CentOS8

1 minute read

Background It seems that php8.0 will be released on November 26, 2020. A beta version is also available in the repository of remi, so install it and check ...

Try RabbitMQ + PHP on CentOS

1 minute read

A note when I tried RabbitMQ to introduce asynchronous processing in PHP. This article uses CentOS7 and PHP7.3.